More Random Beats, Damn It!

It’s good to receive label love.  i tell you how good they are, they give me free music to share with you.  It’s pretty much a win-win all around.  Throw in some drugs and nudes of ex’s, and i might well be tempted to give up my day job.

To get your mouth watering for Citymouth’s new full length, Dropping Gems has posted the Holodecker EP, a five tracker of new and unreleased material, as that’s really the only two types of material there are.  With traces of chill, glitch, space and dozens of other sub-genres that perhaps four people have heard of, it’s an amalgam of good stuff.  If the EP is this strong, the LP is going to have to be a beast, right?

mp3: Fingercrampz (Citymouth from Holodecker EP)

mp3: Holodecker (Citymouth from Holodecker EP)

Budo and Egon Brainparts (the best moniker in all of beatdom) just teamed up to remix one another’s jams.  In their words: “We each chose a track that we thought the other dude would crush and went to town.  When we reconvened, much to our delight, our tracks had evolved and mutated in ways we never could have imagined.”  i must say, i agree with their summation of the process.  Egon’s take on Budo’s slow jam takes it to the dancefloor and then immediately proceeds to shatter your spine with its wobble.  Budo returns the favor in reverse by slowing things down and adding a touch of 8-bit love to the Bossasauras original.

mp3: The One (Egon Brainparts Drum n Bass Remix) (Budo and Egon Brainparts from The One/Lacerta Remix EP)

mp3: Lacerta (Budo Remix) (Bossasauras and Budo from The One/Lacerta Remix EP)

Crowd Control Records’ NickNack drops the most soul-infused hip-hop you’re going to hear today, equal parts Motown and after hour chillout session.  He’s dropped an equally funky B-side you can pick up for whatever you feel like spending here.

mp3: Nobody Else (NickNack from Nobody Else 7″)

And to send you off on your merry way, an old beat from Blockhead.  Says he: “I have this old beat I was gonna try to mix in with my newer album shit, but it’s so old the disks were corrupted (SHOCKING!). Here it is…”

mp3: Stop cryin, Yo! (Blockhead from 900 Bats)

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