Mr. Standfast’s Self-Titled Adventure

Mr. Standfast is a man of letters, but you’d be forgiven for not knowing that on his self-titled, instrumental CD.  The Virginia-by-way-of-Minnesota beathead not only writes a damn fine introductory email, but he kind of tears it up on that S/T CD i just mentioned.  He wrote, produced and published it entirely on the internet with the assistance of the analog modeling synths over at  What have you done with yourself lately, you lazy bastard?  Exactly.  Mr. Standfast, incidentally, has made the kind of music that would have sounded futuristic in the 80s, essentially the perfect soundtrack to a roboromcom like “Heartbeeps,” the most underrated movie featuring Caprisun-style beer packets of all times.  In addition to sounding a lot like Raymond Scott’s later  electronic works, there’s simply something undeniably sunny and upbeat about his tunes.  Perhaps in this reality, SkyNet has perservered, and now all the appliances are free to do happy dances over the crushed skulls of their human oppressors.  You know, something light and sweet like that, like MechaDisney for robo-babies.

mp3: A Lume Spento (Mr. Standfast from Mr. Standfast)

mp3: Sea Rocks Fox (Mr. Standfast from Mr. Standfast)

ALSO, you can check out more Mr. Standfast here.

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