Music By Which to Prepare for Fantasy Hockey Drafting

OK, so it’s time for another one of my embarrassingly entertaining work conferences, which means i get to run around for about 13 hours/day for the rest of the week, starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, that probably means i’m not going to be able to post much in the interim. i’m sure Meg will keep you more than entertained in my absence, so keep your pants on, for chrissakes.

Before i go, i would be remiss not to point out that i have not one, but TWO, fantasy hockey drafts this week (Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon, to be exact). Clearly, this is the most wonderful time of the year, as is evidenced by such brilliant shows as “The League.” For those others out there going over last minute notes, team updates, IR reports and the like, this one is for you.

(Yes, i realize that last one might be about pedophilia, but that’s the same commitment you need in fantasy sports, too, so, yeah, um…wow.)

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