My Blogger Went to Vegas And All I Got Were These Dope Beats

Damnation, what a vacation! You’d love to know about the time spent with the supermodels and various celebs in the VIP section of the club, but this isn’t some celebrity sighting blog, folks. Go elsewhere for that bull crocka. i will say it was a true blast to reconnect with an old friend and welcome her new hubby into the fold, as it were.

As you fellow working schlubs can imagine, i had quite a plateful of work when i got home, but what can you do? It certainly was worth it, ain’t no ’bout a doubt it. That being said, i haven’t really had time to come up with a meaningful mix for the weekend or anything like that just yet. To ease back into the saddle, here are a couple of dope beat joints i’ve found recently to share with you fine people.

You’ve probably heard about it before now, but Stones Throw is offering all the tracks from J Dilla’s Donut Shop for the low, low price of signing up for their newsletter. i strongly recommend you do so.

i keep telling you people that the We Did It Collective does not fuck around, and i keep telling you the truth. i don’t exactly know how they continually find the new talent, but if my on-going beat production lessons bear fruit, maybe i can get an invite, too. Depakote is the latest to drop a bomb on me, The Gummo Album. Deft mixes and cuts of overall soulful and funky grooves. Yes, that is some Funkadelic in there.

And to round things out, a little something from ye olde inbox. It took me a while to decipher just who was who on these projects since i didn’t have a handy chart, so allow me to allow him to elucidate.

“Museum is the name of the whole crew: Art&Craft, 3rd Party, the Contortionist, the Hermit and Keno 1. The museum album was released in 2002 on CD only and was a very limited run. It was very popular so I am re-issuing the album as a free mp3 download for all the folks who missed it first time round.The Hermit went on to record as Nostalgia 77 and Keno 1 went on to record as Natural Self. Myself and 3rd Party record as Left Channel and Products of the Secondhand Circus is our album.”

Both are master blasts, featuring tricky cuts and sample work. Like most of the music that works in the genre, these cats have an obvious ear for pastiche and apparently deep crates. i’m a bit more fond of Products myself, but that’s simply because it strikes me as the more eclectic of the two pieces, and i lurvs me some weird assed eclecticism when i hears it.

mp3: Splinters (The Hermit ft. Art&Craft from Museum)

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