Neon Island by Robel Synthesia

You’ve been digging all these laid back beats of the IDM variety lately, haven’t you?  i can tell because your turkey obviously is done.  To continue blowing wind up your skirt, allow me to suggest Neon Island by Robel Synthesia.  And who doesn’t love a story with one’s beats?  Nobody.  Not even your grandfather.

From Robel himself:  “A collection of creations inspired by summer and you. The adventure begins when you wake up and find yourself on a mysterious island. Track 1 signifies 1 o’clock in the afternoon and the last track, track 8, signifies 8 o’clock in the evening. The music starts with the sun and ends with the moon.”

Clearly, RS is eschewing late night jams for those of a more afternoonerly sort.  i can dig that.

mp3: Liquid Stars (Robel Synthesia from Neon Island)

mp3: Moon Potion (Robel Synthesia from Neon Island)

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