New World E.P. by Rasson Arigato

i’m sure it’s just me, but is anyone else having major problems with Band Camp lately?  The page formatting is all messed up on my computer, and it won’t let me download anything, resulting in me having to go back to my label and artist friends to request zip files and the like to find goodies to share with you jackals.  Fortunately for you, me and him, Cali beathead Rasson Arigato had no problems sending me a copy of his New World E.P., and, trust me, your ears will benefit from the love, kids.

Arigato’s are bathtub gin jams–syrupy with a bang.  Best played at lazier hours of the day, but make no mistake–these grooves are neither languid nor tepid.  Instead, they’re perfect for a bit of upbeat, down tempo head nodding.  They’re too spry to be considered late night anthems, too bouncy to be Sunday morning salvos, yet too laid back for the dance floor.  In other words, just about perfect for my ear holes, somewhere in those outer reaches of trip hop where good children do not go to play and bad kids have all the fun.

mp3: Galster Park (Top of the World) (Rasson Arigato from New World E.P.)

mp3: Gypsy Code (Rasson Arigato from New World E.P.)

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2 thoughts on “New World E.P. by Rasson Arigato

  1. I didn’t have any problems with Bandcamp recently. I know they have been doing a lot of work to create faster stream times and downloads for all of the music.

    Dope post, by the way! This guy has some far out experimental music. Deep and original. Loving the vibe!

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