Nightlines by Nick Wisdom

Hey, kids, did you dig Rapping with Paul White half as much as i did?  Then have i got something for you!  Infomercial intros notwithstanding, seriously, you need to check out Nick Wisdom’s latest, Nightlines.  The Vancouver beathead has compiled tracks from the past year or so on this latest Jellyfish Recordings beast.  Predominantly jazzy jams, Wisdom enlists a motley crew of spitters and singers to help show off his skills as a knob twiddler.    Highlights, of which there are more than a few, include “Dream Believer (Arnica),” “Gettin’ Weird” and “Avocado Green,” as well as the phenomenal “Alien Kiss,” which i mentioned a minute ago when discussing Jellyfish’s most recent comp.  If JR is going to keep dropping these gems, what can we do but pick them up and groove?

mp3: Dream Believer (Arnica) ft. Panther (Nick Wisdom from Nightlines)

mp3: Avocado Green ft. Claire Mortifee (Nick Wisdom from Nightlines)

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