OddBloggingsMix by chris△re…Your Next Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape

OK, kiddies, i’m back from Vegas, a few dollars and brain cells lighter, as it should be.  Now shut your bitching as we return to your regularly scheduled debauchery.  This time ’round, it’s your next Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape, courtesy of the uber-talented chris△re.

1.  Name, rank, serial number.

chris△re, Shabba, °°°°°°°°9

2.  Your grooves impress me as laid back, mellow and dusty, but handled with an archeologist’s loving hand.  How would you describe your music?

I try to create joints that make you unsure on wether its time to hit the dance floor or grab shawty & hit the bedroom…It’s all about the drums though, 90% of my beats have some kind of field recording worked into the drum track.

3.  Explain your process for making music.  Is it a spontaneous thing?  Do you spend hours/days/weeks/months on the same track before it’s “perfect?”  Tell us how it is.

My process varies day by day.  Most of the time its real spontaneous, other times I will wake up knowing its time to lab out… I’m not the “10 minute beat” guy & I’m not the “3 months on 1 track” guy either. Depending on the sounds, I like to have a joint finished in 2-3 days…

4.  Who’s the best beat head in the game today?  Of all times?

Man, everyone is dropping such inspirational shit lately that its hard to choose just 1…I will say that the East Coast means business right now.  Best of all times huh?  How about Primo ?  Pete Rock ?  Dilla Dawg ?  Large Pro ?  I can name a few more if you want….

5.  What haven’t i asked you yet?

Hmmm, When is my new album coming out ?  It just did !  “the p△st is nøw” is available at http://chrisare.bandcamp.com  You didn’t ask me what other projects I have coming out….Well, since you asked so kindly the chris△re X sir froderick album is coming VERY soon, along with debut from The Mountain Collection (chris△re X FLOTE).  There is some other stuff in the opening stages right now, stay posted at http://www.facebook.com/chrisare9 & http://www.twitter.com/chrisare9

Thanks for having me Odd Bloggings°

OddBloggingsMix Track Listing

whyTshirtB – HeyJoshHey

mack – chris△re

Honey – Handbook

cornBEEFHash – Mogillah

bi-racialness – Joob

WeGo – The Mountain Collection (chris△re X FLOTE)

On Fire – Redman

Ditchin88 – Poptartpete

Satalite Hopper – FLOTE

eleven – chris△re

mp3: OddBloggingsMix by chris△re

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