Oddly Ended Randoms

This afternoon, i fear i am letting you down, for you see, i have no clever theme for today’s collection of tunes. Neither thinly veiled masturbatory references, nor illegal usage of heavily copyrighted children’s movies could link together my offering for you on this otherwise beautiful Tuesday. As a conciliatory gesture, i humbly offer these still most excellent tunes.*

Jamiroquai strangely never made it huge in the States, regardless of how dope the track and accompanying video for Virtual Insanity honestly was. While the group may not be well appreciated here, that certainly hasn’t slowed the band down any, as evidenced by this oh so soulful groove the band just dropped on their Sound Cloud.

mp3: Smile (Jamiroquai from their Soundcloud)

The last time i pulled an all-nighter, i’m pretty sure vomitting help conclude things.  D33J, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, puts together dope remixes of Drake tracks.  Clearly following the Matrix-inspired theory of not letting the ass hat name get in the way of the art (you know who you are, Keanu), the WeDidIt Collective member drops Drake’s vocals to the barely audible level and plays the whole thing over ghostly beats and keys.  WeDidIt does it again.

mp3: Marvin’s Room (D33J 6 am Remix) (D33J from WeDidIt4U)

*Today’s opening salvo was brought to you by the letters F and U and the number 2.

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