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i’ve got a couple of things that need writing, including a few Old Skool Reviews i’m looking forward to, but i also realized ye olde inbox is getting a tad full these days and figured now was as good a time as any to do some spring cleaning and bring the music to the masses. As for explanatory notes regarding said tardiness, sue me. Too many pretty people walking around in lesser states of dress than they had on a scant weeks ago. What’s a Terrible to do?

In no particular order of anything…


Have you heard the new Eryka Badu joint yet? Good Lord and Butter, that’s some groovey listening for your earholes right there. i know i mentioned it a while back when she started dropping singles for New Ameryka Part II, but i had no idea it was going to be this good. Let me be the first to call it, “Turn Me Away (Get Munny)” is going to be the summer block party BBQ after hours jam, ladies and gents. Twinkle, twinkle, baby, this one is a star.

Yes, i lurvs me some Flying Lotus, and, of course, i’m a sucka for Dilla, but i have to say, i’m pretty sure my favorite DJ/producer these days is Alex B. Once i heard his amazing Brainfeeder podcast, i was pretty much hooked for life. i just picked up his brand new Moments earlier today, and the tracks i’ve heard so far are too nice. Money, even. i want to be able to do what this man does with digital manipulation. The electronic kind, you dirty bastards, not the other kind.

Ed’s note: i’m already quite proficient at that other kind thank you very much.

mp3: You and I Both Know (Alex B from Moments)


If you follow the beat scene, you’ve probably already heard there’s another J Dilla piece in the works. Coming out May 10, The Donut Shop will contain “the official J Dilla serato with 6 Dilla tracks b/w Serato Control Tone, 2 slipmats & badass package.” As i took my first private DJ session this past weekend, i now actually know what all those things mean. To whet your ‘tites, Stones Throw has thrown this stoned out classic.

mp3: Safety Dance (J Dilla from The Donut Shop)

Since 15 minutes elapsed since his last one, Madlib came out with the latest in his ongoing Beat Konducta series, this time focusing on Africa. Surprising absolutely no one, it’s three nice.

Did you just blink? Yep, in that time, Madlib finished another one. Look for the long-awaited OJ Simpson to hit shelves May 18.

mp3: Cali Hills (Guilty Simpson + Madlib from OJ Simpson)


Didn’t i just get through saying i’ve been ogling scantily clad females lately? Listen, people. Or read, at least. You’re right, though, i do have a bit of a backlog of tracks to work through the pipes, as it were.

Every time i think i’ve found the band name of the year, a new one comes along and starts the debate anew. This time up, it’s Trampled by Turtles. Seriously, it’s beauty in its simplicity, yet evocative of Buddhist koan universality in its descriptiveness. The fact that they play “punk-bluegrass” only makes it that much sweeter. If the Devil actually did go down to Georgia while he was doing Tony Montana-sized mountains of coke, he might sound a little like this. Find out the rest for yourselves when the new LP drops on April 13.

mp3: Wait So Long (Trampled by Turtles from Palomino)

As next in line to run the Fambly business, i get and dig nepotism. At the same time, i also understand the hassles of trying to get out from underneath the shadow of one’s progenitor in such situations. If you’re in a similar place, take that and multiple it by 1000 and you probably would feel a little like Paul Simon’s kid, Harper. (Un)fortunately, Harper sounds quite a bit like Pop, so if that’s the sound for you, try this one on for size.

mp3: Wishes and Stars (Harper Simon from Harper Simon)

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Shooter Jennings partnered with Stephen King to make borderline industrial electro prog rock? Me neither, but now that the idea is in your head, here’s a bit of that. And it ain’t too shabby, truth be told. Somebody had to carry the NIN torch forward, right? This here is a “concept” album, children, wherein Stevie is the voice of a radio DJ playing his last gig before the government takes over the airwaves, all while Shooter is rawking out like he’s taking it personally. Or something like that.

mp3: Don’t Feed the Animals (Shooter Jennings & Hierophant from Black Ribbons)

In a bid for “Most Fucked Up Album Cover of the Year,” the group Drink Up Buttercup are here with Born and Thrown on a Hook. Is that a woman holding a gun and a smoke in a blood spattered car? Hell, now you kind of feel like you HAVE to listen to their first single, right? It’s a bit of Beatles-inspired brit pop, so it’s got that going for it, too.

mp3: Young Ladies (Drink Up Buttercup from Born and Thrown on a Hook)

And finally, beloved label Arts & Crafts graced us with the latest from LET fave The Most Serene Republic. Keep an ear out for a sample of Jon Brion from Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind, if you’re into that kind of thing. Interestingly enough, their PR folks tell me the track is called “Photocall,” while the download clearly is labelled “Longevity Please.” As i’m in PR myself and realize those fools hardly ever know what they’re talking about, let’s go with the latter.

mp3: Longevity Please (The Most Serene Republic from their Website)


As luck would have it, i have.

By this point in our lives, i think we can all agree that some of the best things in all the world, really, come out of Chicago. Personally, i have my own theories involving Michigan waters, a sub-Arctic necessity for cuddling and the proximity to Canadians, but whether you buy into that or not, i’m confident saying you’ll dig the Windy City’s latest offering, one Mr. Danny Chaimson and his band, the Eleventh Hour. The boys manage to sound like an amalgam of Dr. John, Billy Joel and the Stax house band. They didn’t say so to me directly or anything, but it sounds to me like they’re on a mission from God.

mp3: Sittin’ By the Bayou (Danny Chaimson and the Eleventh Hour from Young Blood, Old Soul)

mp3: Bobblehead Girl (Danny Chaimson and the Eleventh Hour from Young Blood, Old Soul)


Chill, sucka. i’m done now. Kill a guy for being a bit hard of hearing, for Chrissakes.
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