Old Skool Review: Heavy D and the Boyz

Hip hop always has had an interesting relationship with the portly. From the Three Stooges quality of The Fat Boys to the gangsta flourishes of Big Pun, rap has never been shy talking about whether fat is or is not phat. Heavy D, however, took a different track, daring you to question his prowess as a ladies man, big boned or not. Particularly since i’ve porked back up since all the cyborg zombie attacks i’ve had to endure lately, i really dig Heavy D these days.

Heavy D, in addition to professing one’s right to be porky, also was a helluva dancer back in the day. It might be hard for you young’uns to believe this, but there was a time when how well you and your crew danced was far more important than sounding like a damn commercial for various high end alcohols. Along with Kid ‘n Play, Heavy D and the Boyz arguably were one of the tightest dancing rap groups of the day. And yes, you guessed it, i DID happen to see the group back when there still were the Boyz (RIP, Trouble T. Roy, who broke his neck while dancing at an after party in 1990), during the hey day of rap’s golden era in the late 80s/early 90s. D’s since turned predominantly towards acting, though he’s stepped into reggae fusion CDs recently, too. Regardless of where his career goes moving forward, he’s always going to be one of the icons of the industry as far as i’m concerned.

A diddley-diddley-diddley-diddely-diddely-dee, indeed.

mp3: Gyrlz, They Love Me (Heavy D and the Boyz from Heavy Hitz)

mp3: We Got Our Own Thang (Heavy D and the Boyz from Heavy Hitz)

mp3: The Overweight Lover’s in the House (Heavy D and the Boyz from Heavy Hitz)
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