Old Skool Review–Kool Moe Dee

Gather ’round, children, it’s time for Terrible Uncle Chris to school you damn whipper snappers again on some of the best damn rappers from back in the day.

Today, we delve into Kool Moe Dee, he of the tight caps and overly large sunglasses. Better known to his parents as Mohandas Dewese, Kool helped form the infamous Treacherous Three with Special K and L.A. Sunshine, as well as DJ Easy Lee. While with them, Kool Moe Dee largely was credited with helping to start “the battle rap,” without which everyone from Schooly D to 50 Cent would be lost. His later battles with LL Cool J, particularly on “How You Like Me Now,” would cement his place as one of the founders and masters of this particular game. KMD also wrote the original “Wild, Wild West,” which was later covered by Will Smith for the movie of the same name. Smith’s version was uninspired at best. Dee’s version is damn hot.

Kool Moe Dee recently was interviewed by http://www.houseofhiphop.nl/, claiming a new CD was in the works and would be out sometime in 2009. I haven’t heard any updates on this, but here’s hoping.

Now get off my damn lawn and groove to this.

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