Old Skool Review: The Fat Boys

It has come to my attention that virtually nobody is blogging about really old skool rap these days. That could well be because most bloggers weren’t alive when Big Daddy Kane was as raw as they came, EPMD helped us to chill and Roxanne Shante had beef with UTFO. Well, the Old Skool Review hopefully is going to help change all that.

Up today, the Fat Boys. In addition to their girth, the original Disco Three spawned the illustrious Prince Markie Dee (Mark Morales), Kool Rock-Ski (Damon Wimbley) and Buff Love a.k.a. The Human Beat Box (Darren Robinson). In addition to various forays into acting, the thing to remember most about these cats was Buff’s legendary beat box skills. Sure, many others stepped to the throne, and some even came close to taking the crown (I’m looking at you, Doug E. Fresh), but nobody could touch Buffy.

Sadly, Buff Love has since passed and Kool Rock-Ski went and got skinny, but they’ll always be the Fat Boys to me.

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