Old Skool Review Update: Say It Ain’t So, Shante!

In a recent Old Skool Review, I relayed the feel good story about Roxanne Shante using a contract clause to fund her education all the way through to a recent Ph.D.

Well, it seems that story might not have been so true after all.

According to Slate Magazine, the entire thing lies somewhere between not exactly true and an outright lie. Sadly, their story looks legit. They appear to have done a rather thorough job of dotting their j’s and crossing their f’s. Damn it.

Here’s hoping they’re not quite right, either.
Seriously, though, what would the Educated Rapper and Doctor Ice say?

Because I’m sure you’re all as interested as I am, more to follow as I hear it.

mp3: Def Fresh Crew (Roxanne Shante & Biz Markie)

mp3: Let’s Rock Y’All (Roxanne Shante)
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