Old Soul by L’Orange

L’Orange.  One of my absolute favorite crate diggers AND my preferred preparation for duck.  What isn’t to love about that?

You know by now i don’t really do “Best Of” lists, but i will say that L’Orange’s Manipulation EP (particularly the second half) produced hands down some of 2011’s best beats and clearly was one of my faves of last year.  The beathead finds cuts so choice he should consider becoming a butcher.  To keep the train a’rollin’, he snuck in Old Soul towards the end of 2011, and i’ll be damned if i don’t give it some love.  For the latter album, L’Orange makes brilliant use of the Billie Holiday catalogue.  It’s hard to fuck up sampling a genius of Holiday’s stature, but few people can take the originals and make them something more.  L’Orange was, is and forever shall be up to that task, however, and the results sing for themselves.

mp3The Audition (L’Orange from Old Soul)

mp3The Heroine (L’Orange from Old Soul)

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