On the Road from Seattle: Reggie Watts

Well, children, as fate would have it, i find myself in Washington state for the next few on business, returning star base plans found hidden in droids, righting wrongs done to righteous wrong doers, etc. As such, i may be a little light in the updates for the next few, but i trust Ms. Megan will easily fill my shoes. Hopefully not with worms, though. Seriously, right?

By complete coincidence, thanks to the wonderful blog, The Music Ninja, i stumbled across the remarkable talents of one Reggie Watts just the other day. i was blown away by this obvious genius and his “Fuck Shit Stack” video. i mean, with a title like that, what’s not to love? And i can’t say as i’ve ever seen a finer example of hobo chic in all my days. Of course, this led to the inevitable Google search to find out more, and what i learned was that Mr. Watts is no one trick pony. In addition to his brilliant dancing skills (check out the very end of the video for The Drunk Couple(tm). If only this cat had choreographed my wedding dance…), turns out the guy is also one hell of a soul singer, beat boxer extraordinaire, a “multidisciplinary comedian” and lead singer of Maktub (though it appears as if the band is one something of a hiatus at the moment). Plus, old boy certainly can make a bid for the hair hall of fame with that mop.

Seriously, this cat is all over the board, but i have yet to hear a miss in my admittedly short period of adoration for the dude. His absurdist performance art takes a listen or two to get used to, but the payoff is worth it. That being said, his collaboration with Yungchen Lhamo (considered one of the leading voices of Tibet, apparently) is one of the most hauntingly moving pieces i’ve heard in quite some time. The two combined for Pop!Tech’s first ever release, Antibabel. For the life of me, i can’t seem to get my hands on a full copy of this one, even going so far as to email Pop!Tech directly, but you know the Interwebs wouldn’t let us down completely, and thus we have the one track from the duo below. Sure, there’s that $100 offer on Amazon, but let’s not be silly. Additionally, i’ve dug up a full solo show from I-Spy (gotta love the Internet Music Archives), and Watt’s Roger Troutman-like showstopper from his solo debut. And, of course, the thoroughly brilliant Fuck Shit Stack video.

i seldom ask for favors from the readers (still waiting for those ex-gf nudes to come pouring in…), but if any of you know more about this cat, drop me a line. For the rest of you bums, enjoy this most diverse meal of pure groovey.

mp3: Piece (Reggie Watts and Yungchen Lhamo from Antibabel)

mp3: Wanna’ Get (Reggie Watts from Simplified)

And the piece de resistance:
Reggie’s new CD/DVD combo, Why Shit So Crazy?!, hits stores May 18, 2010. i do believe i’ll be in line for this one.
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3 thoughts on “On the Road from Seattle: Reggie Watts

  1. See, your Uncle Terrible would never lie to you. i mean, unless there was some obvious gain for me, but i'm digressing.

  2. Hilarious. Reggie is a modern day comic genius. They don't make em like Reggie anymore. Get the CD and enjoy comic bliss!

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