ONE EP by Tensei

While i’m pretty quick to label just about everything i cover here at Odd Bloggings as “beat music,” “instrumental hip-hop” probably is a more accurate musical description.  Like most genres, this one has a million sub-genres of its own, but i like to think the music here has at least one thing in common, namely, an overwhelming obligation for hip-hop infused grooves.   Case in point, the ONE EP by Tensei, which they just dropped to whet the whistles of those thirsty for their TBD full-length release coming out on Plug Research sometime later this year.  With hip hop sensibilities as the overriding arc, the Chicago-based production crew of Simple X and Midas Wells create sonic backdrops that fit just as easily into a head nodder’s playlist as they would scoring some weird European flick with a lot of grey snow, cigarettes and complicated plots involving confusing sex quadrangles (because triangles simply wouldn’t be enough) and odd European libel laws.  Bottom line, however, is that their tracks groove, plain and simple, whether or not they’d be apropos for the next Rick Ross joint (and i’m going with a “no” on that one), thus bringing it all back to footwear. The beatheads eschew traditional crate digging samples, preferring to use live musicians that they then sample themselves, resulting in Bizzaro samples that don’t have to worry about copyright issues.  Oh yeah, and it also features some pretty dope guest vocals from ADAD, Denmark of Crown Nation, Scarlet Monk and others.

mp3: Acid Reign (Tensei from ONE EP)

mp3: The Minotaur (Tensei from ONE EP)

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