Oooh Look! A Black Keys Song!

by oddbodkins on November 19, 2008

It’s probably no secret that I lurvs me some Black Keys in the worst way. The only thing better than their CDs, in my humble opinion, is their live show. A studio setting can fix even the most glaring shortcomings, but a band has to let it all hang out when it’s just them and an audience.

In an effort to hoc their latest wares, the Live at the Crystal Ballroom DVD, Patrick and Dan have offered up this tasty morsel from the show, a fiery version of “I Got Mine.” Culled from the sold-out April 4, 2008 gig at Portland, Oregon’s Crystal Ballroom, this track simply reaffirms how freaking kick ass these boys are. Hard to imagine it’s just two cats up there, rocking out the way they do. That’s the magic potion those two have concocted, I suppose.

Get your copy of the DVD here, friends, and be ready for something special.

mp3: I Got Mine (live @ the Crystal Ballroom)

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