Organic by Long Arm

Project: Mooncircle aritst Long Arm pretty much nailed it when he decided to name his new EP Organic.  From the first moments of record static and crisp drums, the album unfolds so naturally, any other name would have been foolish.  For the most part, this is a dappled sunlight stroll through hazy, lazy grooves.  The pace is of the low key variety, and the quieted horns and strings do nothing to dissuade the sentiment.  There are ample remixes, too, from the likes of Krts, Daisuke Tanabe, FiJi, Eugenia Peters, as well as vocal contributions by such stalwarts as Graciela Maria, Teknical Development & Tinavie.  With all due respect, though, the best tracks here arguably are just Long Arm doing his thing, sans anyone else but his own warped, beat infused mind.

mp3: Organic Mini-Mix by Long Arm

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