OUTSOURCED COMPILATION VOL. 4 from Outlier Recordings

Sorry about the dearth of posts towards the end of last week.  The moose out front should have told you something.  Fortunately, last week’s slight dip has undipped for the time being, so there you have it.

To get the ball rocking and or rolling yet again, Outlier Recordings’ OUTSOURCED series is back, this time with its fourth installation.  Basically, we’ve got amazing beats from amazing heads.  Featuring 22 tracks from 22 producers from 22 different vaginas (assumedly; perhaps some of these folks are related; i wouldn’t know; nor do i believe i am familiar with any of their mothers’ vaginas; OK, time to move this conversation along; nothing to see here, folks; move along; move along), this is not a comp to be slept on.  Seriously, go buy a pillow for that type of thing, you lazy bastard.  These here is for sampling and enjoying the works of some OB faves, including oddlogic, Woulg, weirdough and Phedee.  Snag a free copy from now ’til 11-28-11.  Or, be a less cheap bastard, and order a copy of the 100-issue limited run CD.

mp3: Donut Vise (oddlogic from OUTSOURCED COMPILATION VOL. 4)

mp3: Ghosties (weirdough from OUTSOURCED COMPILATION VOL. 4)

mp3: My Mom Took My Porn Away (Phedee from OUTSOURCED COMPILATION VOL. 4)

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