by oddbodkins on February 2, 2012

Yes, yes, yes, i realize that i’m in danger of Odd Bloggings becoming an Outlier Recordings fan site.  Don’t blame me, blame them.  If they’re going to keep putting out stellar work, album after album, it’s simply not my fault.  Think i’m lying?  A.  Fuck you.  When have i ever done you like that?  B.  Check out their latest comp, volume five in their OUTSOURCED series.  With beastly beats from the likes of oddlogic, chris△re, m∞n and others, this things plays like my personal Greatest Hits comp.  Yes, i drink the Outlier Kool-Aid.  And it’s fucking delicious.

mp3: Turbulence (Mute Speaker from OUTSOURCED COMPILATION VOL. 5)

mp3: Anxious Shit (m∞n from OUTSOURCED COMPILATION VOL. 5)

mp3: wall st (oddlogic from OUTSOURCED COMPILATION VOL. 5)

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