Passportal by Kwasi Bongo

And then there are those times when you just want some fucked up beats.  Enter Kwasi Bongo.  On his Bossman Records debut, the Melbourne beathead traffics in retro-futuristic Uranian grooves, some truly outer space shit that’s good for your earholes.  Perhaps its his cross-cultural upbringing with a Ghanaian father and Australian mother, but KB has found sounds and samples you’re unlikely to hear elsewhere.  Asian strings plucked?  Absolutely.  Crickets chirping?  Naturally.  Devilish vocal chops?  Expect nothing less.  Sleigh bells ringing?  i told you this cat didn’t fuck around, didn’t i?  Somebody keep an eye out for the Mother Ship because this noise will improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship.

mp3: Lion March (Kwasi Bongo from Passportal)

mp3: The Bringer of Old Age (Kwasi Bongo from Passportal)

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