Paul White Loves Your Ear Holes

We’re just a scant couple of weeks away from the release of Rapping with Paul White, and those daffy bastards over at One-Handed Music just keep making with the goodies for our ear holes.

First up, an instrumental track from the assumedly otherwise MC-friendly affair.  Twitchy, almost glitchy percussion combines with windmill guitars and a spooky synth line to create an addictive beat.  The Lollipop Guild vocals that close out the track are further proof that this album is going to be a BEAST.

mp3: Evasive Action (Paul White from Rapping with Paul White)

And if that weren’t enough, yet another mixtape from PDub himself.  Don’t get confused with Houseshoes’ mix of White tracks, this is a new one he put together for the rather well-to-do online clothes retailer oki-ni, featuring Amon Duul, Weldon Irvine, Scientist, Lee Perry, Nucleus and many more.

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