PEACE by Polozov

i hate to play favorites, but i’m going out on a limb and declaring that Outlier Recordings can do no wrong.  On their latest release, PEACE, the Brooklyn label introduces us to Polozov, another beat maestro in a stable full of already too much talent to be healthy for the competition.  In a seeming wasteland of disparate noises, Polozov quickly demonstrates he clearly has control of a road map.  The Russian beathead takes beeps, blips and various background noises and converts them into straight up grooves.  As with all OR releases, there’s immaculately precise production work.  i don’t understand how anyone can take something so seemingly dusty and dirty and make it sound this clean, but hats off to Polozov and the rest of the OR gang for consistently showing how it’s done.  Well suited for late nights of deep introspection and/or copious weed ingestion; i often find the two go hand-in-hand.  Keep an ear on this one, kids.

mp3: Untitled B (Polozov from PEACE)

mp3: Untitled B (oddlogic remix) (Polozov from PEACE)

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