Plug EP by B. Lewis

i’ve been looking forward to B. Lewis’ latest Jus’ Like Music release since Gavin at the label hipped me to a couple of demo tracks a few months back.  Even then, with just a couple of tracks to go by, i knew this kid was going places.  And the Plug EP only goes that much further in proving the point.

The young beathead is a master of the sample game, chopping and changing like a pro.  His beats don’t so much thump as they do skitter.  This is controlled chaos of the highest order.  There’s more head nodding than booty shaking going on here, but that’s not to say the latter cateogry is altogether ignored, either.  Regardless, the music is contagious, so prepare yourself for a positive reaction of some sort.

mp3: Plug (B. Lewis from Plug EP)

mp3: Les Saisons (B. Lewis from Plug EP)

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