Polynesian Dream EP by AstroLogical

AstroLogical is back with beats of the decidedly late night variety on his Polynesian Dream EP on Jellyfish Recordings .  While i’m not seeing the Polynesian aspect of the release, maybe he ate a pineapple topped pizza before he dreamed up the inspiration for this one.  As i am not his pizza delivery guy, this is not for me to say.  What i can say, however, is that this is a laid back, relaxing romp perfect the wee hours.  Plus, what other beat album can you name that samples Mace Windu reading “Go the Fuck to Sleep?”  Exactly.  Perfectly chilled for your listening enjoyment, Polynesian Dream takes the edges off before diving into a pool of something mellow and funky.  It’s a late night storm of samples and live instruments for those who like to get down early.

mp3: Sleepy (AstroLogical from Polynesian Dream EP)

mp3: Wish I Had a Window (AstroLogical from Polynesian Dream EP)

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