Pop Massacre 2

Here at Odd Bloggings, we (me and the gremlin in my pocket, i guess) like to think of ourselves as friends of Friends of Friends.  It’s kind of hard not to, what with all the excellent tuneage they keep throwing towards ye olde inbox.  Plus, i kind of just like the sound of it.

This time out, it’s the return of the Pop Massacre series, wherein the venerable label reaches out to its go-to list of beathead maestros and asks them to “choose a song from any era of popular culture to be source material of a song for our ‘Pop Massacre’ project.'”  Of course, the strength of these projects is a mixture of the producers participating and the songs submitted.  As was the case with the original, the formula remains strong on the follow-up.  My only real “complaint” is that most of the submissions this time aren’t pop songs, but that’s really a semantics issue, i suppose.  Forgive the English major, enjoy the tracks.

Ed. note: Coop, yes, the jonwayne track is just for you.

mp3: Wooha (Busta Rhymes) (Supachip from Pop Massacre 2)

mp3: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (The Beatles) (jonwayne from Pop Massacre 2)

mp3: Dust Bite Marks (Queen) (Radius from Pop Massacre 2)

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