potpourri. by Delano Taylor

by oddbodkins on February 13, 2012

Look, i don’t know what else to tell you, but Delano Taylor has skills, yo.  The young beathead has what i like to call “blender talents,” i.e., the ability to find the choicest cuts of multiple tracks, throw them into a musical blender and then come out with new tracks of frothy deliciousness.  On potpourri., he kid knows how to create caffeinated grooves that will get your tail feathers shaking, end of story.  You might catch a whiff of something familiar here and a trace of something else you can’t quite place your finger on there, but this ain’t no Girl Talk album; we’re not here to pick out from the end results, we’re here to enjoy the new creations.  Achieving a perch that straddles glitch, boom bap and hip hop, DT’s concoctions are bound to result in barrel fever, but with beats this good, who’s complaining?

mp3: Brand New (Delano Taylor from potpourri.)

mp3: Placebo (Delano Taylor from potpourri.)

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