Predominately Blunted Beats

Today, we’re focusing on a bunch of beat music that’s found it’s way into my grimy little hands of late. It’s no secret i love this stuff. i only wish DC had its own Low End Theory (sorry, 18th Street Lounge, but you ain’t it) or similar beat scene. Oh well, at least we have the Interwebs giving us sorts of goodness from around the globe.

Baths’ Cerulean is easily in my top ten albums for 2010. This 21-year-old electronic music maestro tears it up on this one, combining glitchy electro with an assortment of found and created sounds that makes a pastiche of creamy goodness. Though he dropped the CD a while back, he just released another single, “Lovely Bloodflow,” for our free listening pleasure. Better yet, it’s one of the best tracks on the CD, adding some haunting vocals to the click clack. Not for the faint of funk. (Ed. note: today’s post is entitled “Predominately Blunted Beats” because we don’t want to piss off young Baths any more than Pitchfork did recently by assuming he’s a poth ead.)

A top notch jazz prodigy pianist and one of Brainfeeder’s finest jamming together? Um, yes, please. Austin Peralta tears it up with Strangeloop from this set recorded at the Roy O. Disney Theatre Performance at CalArts on July 22, 2010.

Thanks once again to the majesty of random Hype Machine surfing, i stumbled upon yet another genius beat producer in the making, Shigeto. The currently Brooklyn-based DJ just dropped a new EP, full of ghostly machinations and otherworldly beats. While everyone who is anyone on the beat scene seems to be coming out of L.A. or London these days, Shigeto looks to even the score for those of us who find ourselves on the East Coast without a champion of our own these days. i’m telling you, keep an eye on this kid.

Thanks to the stellar article in XLR8R, i recently stumbled upon the website for the We Did It Collective, home to such geniuses as Shlomo, Jonwayne and others. As luck would have it, they tend to post a lot of tracks, many of which are free. i’ve stumbled across a few definitely worth sharing. One up is from an artist i believe named Chris Adams, though the accompanying text for his new EP is sparse, to say the least. It does explain that he used no synthesized sounds, recording all the noises used himself. All i know is it sounds good, and he looks suspiciously like a guy who used to deal me pot. They’ve also recently hosted a crazy mix by Jonwayne, definitely worth the download. While most of the We Did It stuff is beat-centric, they’ve also had some dope ass rhymes by 0. Anyone who can rhyme “cunnilingus” and “dingus” in the same verse is A-OK in my book, children. At the risk of giving away a source of endlessly good shit, bookmark their site, peeps.

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