Projectionss EP by Kwala

Feeling a bit stuffed now that the holidays are upon us?  What if i were to offer you a wafer-thin, six beat EP that’s better than mint, Mr. Creosote?

Would you join me please in welcoming Kwala and his latest FreeFrom release, Projectionss.  Ambient, spacey, tripped out, blissful–all good descriptions of my favorite drugs AND Kwala’s EP.  There’s something simply comforting in these beats, between the disembodied vocals and scattered percussion.  It’s rainy day music for kids who like to play in the puddles and get wet, and that’s quite alright by me.

mp3: Tobias (Kwala from Projectionss EP)

mp3: Para Salin (Kwala from Projectionss EP)

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