Properly Packed by Somepling

There’s something almost offensive about a “compilation of unreleased tracks” being better than most people’s concerted efforts to put out a cohesive album.  As such, i would not be surprised in the least if his fellow beatheads started hating on Somepling’s “Properly Packed.”  This collection of wee hour compositions is a dusty crate digger’s delight.  One of my absolute favorite Outlier Recordings artists, Somepling not only includes, but actually utilizes the scratches and hisses of his apparently deep jazz collection in a downright instrumental manner.  Late night strings, soft brushed percussion and real bass instruments–accept no digital substitutes.  Definitely for the new millennium Barry White fans.  Whether you love the sexy slither of a lady snake or not, these are tunes for whacking day, alone or with a partner.

mp3: ArganClic (Somepling from Properly Packed)

mp3: KrystleRubber (Somepling from Properly Packed)


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