purp funk by JOTA ESSE

Ah, to have deep crates.  Brazilian beathead JOTA ESE enjoys the benefits on purp funk, his latest Day Old Records.  Clearly, JOTA has a penchant for piano ballads, jazzy horns and the occasional chopped and screwed vocal sample.  Instead of cutting up the same old, same old, however, JE apparently struck a gold mine at his local thrift store, as the dusty platters he uses are of a decidedly different era, combining almost elevator jazz with hip-hop percussion.  Whereas a lot of beaters seem trapped by hip-hop, JOTA uses it as a flavor enhancer, not the main course.  i really want to end this with some sort of caipirinha-blended metaphor, but the last time i had caipirinhas, i think i broke part of my brain, so just go with me on this one–check out this noise.

mp3: cried (lount smoke in my eyes) (JOTA ESE from purp funk)

mp3: lounted in the basement (JOTA ESE from purp funk)

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