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No particular theme today, i just happen to have a bunch of random beats in ye olde inbox that need hearing.  ‘Nuff said.

Sure, if you were to take only a cursory look at the genre, you’d probably assume beat production is a realm of dudes only, apparently much like the entire Star Wars universe (sorry, can’t seem to let go of Star Wars Day).  Fortunately, we have our very own Mon Mothma (and you thought i was going to go with Princess Leia) in the one and only TOKiMONSTA.  One of Brainfeeder’s finest, she’s getting ready to drop her new EP, Creature Dreams, on May 17.  If this crisp, sunny number is any indication, we could have a beast on our hands.

mp3Bright Shadows (TOKiMONSTA from Creature Dreams)

WeDidIt Collective champ D33J apparently put this ghostly, gauzy number together in the span of 24 hours.  In the Maestro’s words, “its a sexy soup of computer mic, bogus ass tambura, emo singing, youtube r&b, and my drum machine.”

mp3: She’s Deep (D33J from the WeDidIt website)

Seriously, Friends of Friends, you’ve got to slow down with all the killer beat beasts you’ve been unleashing on the unexpecting masses lately.  The cats at that label are making even Madlib look lazy these days.  A few of tracks they’ve kindly shared with me recently really stand out.  Looking for some dreamy, pyschedelic beats?  Look no further than Big Spider’s Back.  His new CD description kind of says it all: “Incorporating everything from British library  music to Indian film soundtracks and field recordings, the album flows  gracefully between ambient avalanches of sound and hauntingly ethereal  vocals, sitting on top of a lush bed of dubstep, house, and hip-hop. The  album borrows themes based around memory from a wide array of classic  sci-fi books and comics, ranging from J. G. Ballard to William Gibson.”

mp3: Dead Channel (Big Spider’s Back from Memory Man)

Want more?  The One AM Radio just dropped Heaven is Attached by a Slender Thread, and to celebrate the affair, it seems damn near everyone and their mother in the world of beats has tried their hand at remixing various tracks.  Personally, i’m a fan of Dntel’s reworking of “An Old Photo of Your New Lover.”  Hell, if the Postal Service isn’t coming back, let’s keep the man busy, right?

mp3: An Old Photo of Your New Lover (Dntel Remix) (The One AM Radio from Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread – Remixes)

Still hungry, you greedy bastards?  Jackals, the lot of you, i swear.  Fortunately, FoF has more for your earholes.  A touch more hip-hop with a vocal sample that just oozes funk, “Ken Griffey, Jr.” is a monster from Comma to help get your ears horny for his upcoming release, Colortronics (out on Frite Night on May 24).  This Bay nob twiddler and bass head (the good kind) is about to come into his own in a big way.

mp3: Ken Griffey, Jr. (Comma from Colortronics)

And to prove Odd Bloggings is an equal opportunity lover of all labels that start with the letter “F,” check out this track from Feelin’ Music.  The dynamic Swiss duo of Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie have unleashed their Treeology EP, and first single “Untreelated” showcases their unique take on the scene.  It’s slightly reminiscent of Mount Kimbie to my ears, but with a unique signature of their own.  Hell, you tell me.

mp3Untreelated (Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie from Treeology EP)

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