Rapping with Paul White – The Remix EP by Paul White

Paul White clearly wants you to consider him as you head into the holiday shopping season.  No, it’s not something so crass as him wanting you to buy some of his incredible beat beasts (though i’m sure he wouldn’t mind in the least if you did).  i’m pretty sure he wants you to buy him gifts simply because he’s a helluva guy.  Why else would he have shared Rapping with Paul White – The Remix EP unless he wanted to get on our good side?

Rapping with Paul White already is one of my favorite joints of the year, so a remix EP by the maestro is just icing.  Not only has the One-Handed Music man remixed six tracks from the original album, but he also slipped in five outstanding new instrumentals and an interlude. What’s more, three of these remixes feature Paul White playing live, no samples.   It’s up to you to guess which three, though.  i can’t be doing everything for you here.

Now go.  Download.  Listen.  Repeat.  In the interim, you want to talk about going halfsies on a scarf or something for the guy?

mp3: Up Close (Paul White from Rapping with Paul White – The Remix EP)

mp3: Never Too Late (Paul White from Rapping with Paul White – The Remix EP)

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