Receiving = Great, Giving = Even Better

Psst. Hey you. With the face.

Have you been over to get your free Mark Sandman love yet this week? There was a bit of a hang up with last week’s posting, but it’s up there now. I know we’re only two weeks in, but Good Lord and Butter, these tracks are fricking sweet. Not only did we get a history lesson on Harry Houdini last time, but this week we get to hear the dulcet sounds of Orchestra Morphine and Laurie Sargent.

Now get over there, donate a few shekels to the Mark Sandman Music Project and give yourself a big pat on the back for doing something nice for kids by providing young people with opportunities for creative collaboration.
And for you really greedy bastards, here’s even more free mp3 goodness for you. You can thank me by getting off your keister and donating.
We thank you for your fine support.
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