Remix Time: Adele’s Rolling in the Deep

Singer Adele smokingFor those of you who just stumbled upon this address, you’re possibly wondering how the hell this site with all this content showed up out of no where (unless you’re just one of those cool cats who know where the cool shit is going down; i expected your ass to find this place).  Long story short, i’ve been one of the two writers at Les Enfants Terribles for the past three-plus years.  Following Jack White’s lead, i’ve parted ways with my partner, Meg, the main difference being the lack of a low quality sex tape (at least, so far as i know).  You’ll notice all my old LET posts here, so feel free to search to your heart’s content for the then latest in Ethiopian speed rap and beat music that skirts the legal issues of heavily sampled kids’ movies.  That’s right, i’ve still got your back, kids.

While i thought about making this a “Welcome to the new site” type post, fuck that noise, let’s just keep rolling like we never missed a beat, yes?

To those ends, today’s post is dedicated to Odd Blogging’s brilliant Chief Technology Officer, whose own stuff you can check out at  Unfortunately for our readers, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the reefer.  Oh well.  If it makes you feel any better, the author was named after the fictitious hooker in Klute.  If that doesn’t count for something, well, i don’t know my audience as well as i thought.

Ms. Bree has a fondness for Adele, and as luck would have it, i’ve received boatloads of remixes for Rolling in the Deep.  i’ve posted a couple already, but let’s make an unofficial official page of the buggers, shall we?

mp3:  Rolling in the Deep (Choreo Remix) (Adele from Choreo’s Sound Cloud)

mp3: Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) (Adele from Jamie xx’s Sound Cloud)

mp3: Rolling in the Deep (Manu El Chino Remix) (Adele from Manu El Chino’s Sound Cloud)

mp3: Rolling In The Deep (Voodoo Farm Remix) (Adele from Voodoo Farm’s Facebook)

mp3:  Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Reshuffle ft. Childish Gambino) (Adele from JThunder’s Sound Cloud)

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