Return of the Lemonade Stand

It was inevitable. With the return of warmer weather comes the ubiquitous lemonade stand, popping up like perky nipples on a brisk morning. i ran into my first one just this past weekend, almost literally. Note to my neighbor’s kids: do NOT run in front of cars to persuade them to pull over and snag a cuppa. The bullhorn, however, was a nice touch.

As a former hardcore watered down summer beverage proprietor myself, i always try to patronize any and all child-run establishments. Same goes for purchasing girl scout cookies, boy scout jamboree tickets, etc. If your ankle biter is willing to do the work, the least i can do is throw a couple of ducats their way. That being said, do NOT come to me telling me that you’re selling it on their behalf. Fuck that. Nobody stopped me from knocking on the doors of potential pedos and ne’er-do-wells on my way to earning enough sales to get a “free” Boy Scout endorsed hatchet, so let’s all take a deep breath, and let today’s brats have at the same.

OK, you know what time it is. That’s right, get ready for The Greatest Lemonade Mix You Will Ever Hear.

How very fortunate for us that the sisters just decided to drop this one from the upcoming CD on us.

If your lemonade happens to get you lifted, please share the recipe with me.

NOTE: No, Led Zep did NOT come up with the “squeeze my lemon” line from “The Lemon Song.” Robert Johnson did. Recognize.

The following band name guaranteed an eventual write-up here on LET. Naming an entire album after today’s topic was just icing.

There’s a lot of penis talk here for a lemonade song, but who didn’t love their Teenage Dirtbag? Much love, Wheatus.

i got to see these cats at Woodstock II just before Shannon bounced onto the Great Beyond. RIP, dude.

The next two tracks are nice juxtapositions, don’t you think? Why am i asking you, anyway? Fascist.

And now, for something a bit scuzzier…

mp3: Lemonade (Will C. from Commercial Rap)

And perhaps the greatest song on the topic ever written:

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