Reznor Named King of All Things Social Media

Sometimes I worry that I write far too much about Trent Reznor, but, damnation, the guy is so far ahead of the game when it comes to the current state of the music industry, I can’t help myself.

We’ve told you about numerous free albums, samplers and tracks he’s posted for free on his site. If you haven’t seen it, the guy’s a Twitter freak, too.

Well, all that apparently was child’s play, as the sumbitch now has officially launched his own iPhone app (Android and Blackberry ports allegedly are in the works). Now, I’m still playing with the thing myself, but it could be the most genius thing I’ve ever seen, wis-à-vis a band marketing itself through Web 2.0 outlets. Not only does this thing allow access to a boatload of music and videos, but it also has the vaunted “Nearby” feature, essentially a GPS/Twitter mixture that allows users to post their current thoughts and locations, ostensibly allowing like-minded NIN fans to get together to do whatever like-minded NIN fans do. I imagine it involves wearing a lot of black, but I digress.
If you’ve got an iPhone, I strongly suggest checking this thing out, regardless of your feelings on NIN, as this should be the future of what bands start doing in the future. Assuming that is the case, me likey. Me likey a LOT.

To get your iPhone app, click here.
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