Round Two: Swag Fight!

Clearly, the gentlemen of OFWGKTA and WEDIDIT agree with my continually posing the two up and coming uber-collectives as cage fighters, as both groups were kind enough to drop new material to take their mortal kombat to the next round.  Or i need to watch less Shaw Brothers and worse knock-offs.  Either way, new tunes by the boys.

In this corner, Odd Future’s Mike G kicks it over a Left Brain produced instrumental.  For the fatality, a “lost” number by the missing Earl Sweatshirt.

mp3: Forest Green (Mike G from GOLD)

mp3: Dat Ass (Earl Sweatshirt from Kitchen Cutlery)

Not to be outdone, D33J dropped his Tide Songs EP, a four song joint of spaced out, mellow vibes.  And what tag team match would be complete without, um, a tag partner?  Shlohmo’s “Places,” my hands down favorite track in this admittedly young year, gets remix love from the dudes at Your Truly.

mp3Reever’s Edge (D33J from Tide Songs)

mp3: Drownng Pools (D33J from Tide Songs)

mp3: Places (Yours Truly Remix) (Shlohmo from WEDIDIT website)


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