Runner by Muta

OB’s favorite Canuck collective, King Deluxe, is at it again, this time with the label’s seventh release, Runner, by Muta.  The Denver-based* beat head dances between glitchy cacophonies and much subtler, simple melodies with the dexterity of a 15th level thief-acrobat.  Muta begins his journey with noise, devolves the sound before evolving it, all the while revolving it on the wheels of steel.  Of course, i like rhyming, but that should do nothing to detract from this beat manifesto.

Today’s track, “Lock Jaw,” is a perfect embodiment of the entire album, starting with abstract blips and bleeps before a solid beat and accompanying groove establish themselves.  Before you know what’s happening, we’ve gone from esoteric to beat-tastic, all within the space of a few bars.  Impressive work, if you can get it.  And what do you know?  You can.  Just follow the links, sucka.

And as with all things King Deluxe, they’ve added some incredible artwork by local talent, in this case, one Ms. Laura Bifano.  You’ll probably notice her 70s sci-fi film inspiration in the cover art, as well as thematically in some of the tracks.

mp3: Lock Jaw (Muta from Runner)

*i’m fully aware that Denver is not in Canada, being both 1/4 Canuck myself AND fully cognizant of where our national borders lie.  It’s not my collective.  Take it up with those cats.

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