Salutes EP: A De La Soul Tribute Joint

i believe my love of all things De La is pretty well established at this point.  Not only did i attend the 20th anniversary tour of Three Feet High and Rising, hell, son, i was at the goddamn original tour!  And there have been plenty of concerts in-between, i’ll tell you what.  And while a lot of aging artists have a habit of falling off (attend Rock the Bells at your own risk, that’s all i’m saying), that’s never been a problem for the Plugs.

Redefintion Records, along with European-based music sites The Find Magazine & Boogiedown Breda, tasked some talented beatheads to create a “remix, remake or tribute” of/to one of their favorite De La tracks.  The result is an obviously immediate mixture of skill and love that’s clearly from the soul itself.

mp3: Breakadawn (Quiet Storm Remix) (K-Murdock from Salutes EP)

mp3: Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa (DJ Stitches & BP from Salutes EP)

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