SCRAPE one/two/three by Left Channel–Another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape

As if a mixtape by Left Channel wasn’t more than enough to give you an eargasm, when i approached the Manchester duo for a Q&A session, those daffy bastards took it to the next level and came back with a photo essay.  Like we’d expect anything less from these mad maestros.  You know how they do.  In the words of the gents: “It’s a suite in 3 parts called Scrape One, Two and Three.  It’s actually a 30 minute track that we composed in the same fashion that we make Left Channel Tunes.”  Now scroll below for the goodies.












1.  Name, rank and serial number.










2.  i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again–you’ve got crates that would make Madlib jealous.  Where do you find your source material?








3.  What’s your favorite record in your arsenal? What’s the most random?















4.  Obviously, your music is heavy on the sample-side.  How would you describe your sound?








5.  What’s up for Left Channel in 2012?








6.  Anything else you’d like to mention/thank/tell to fuck off?








mp3: SCRAPE one/two/three (Left Channel..another Odd Bloggings Exclusive Mixtape)

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