Thundercat’s Shenanigans pt 1. (Mixed by Flying Lotus)

It’s a good fucking time to be a Thundercat.  The 80s cartoon reboot is exactly what a reboot should be–respectful of the original, but arguably better than the original.  Stephen Bruner is holding up his end of the equation, too, pumping out some of the best 70s-era jazz funk/instrumental hip-hop i’ve heard in a minute on his upcoming The Golden Age of Apocolypse.  Of course, the brilliant bassist has a lot deeper catalogue than just that (Erykah Badu much?  Suicidal Tendencies anyone?).  To hip you to that fact, Flying Lotus, producer of the upcoming TGAoA, put together this stellar mixtape for your ear holes, and, as all stellar mixes should, there were a lot of “HE did that song?!?!?!?” moments on here for me.   About the only person who can’t be pleased with the current state of affairs for meteorological felines has to be Bruner’s main squeeze.  After all, nobody wants to be known as anyone’s Hooooo!

mp3: Shenanigans pt. 1 (mixed by Flying Lotus) (Thundercat from the Brainfeeder site)

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