Shy of Sending in Nudes of Your Ex…

Note to bands/artists/fellow PR flaks trying to get your music reviewed at Odd Bloggings: Referring to your music as “Kind of a mixture between Madlib, The Black Keys, Wu Tang Clan, Bill Withers, Lee Perry and Prince” is a pretty surefire way to get my Spidey senses tingling.  Throw in that you’re also from the Netherlands, and, well, you’ve really got an unfair leg up on the competition.  I mean, shy of throwing some nudes of your ex- my way, the only way you could get a better “in” on OB would be finding yourself in a Nigerian speed rap group or well versed in sampling and chopping 70s Sesame Streets epis.

Suffice to say, Fuel Box had my interest piqued and naughty bits excited before i even hit play on their Pre-E.P. Now, i’m not sure if i entirely agree with their self-description, but i’ll admit it’s not too far off from the truth.  i hear more of a Jamiroquai vibe myself, but let’s cut to the chase–the band does green eyed soul with beat sensibilities damn well.  Think Mayers Hawthorne if he actually made fuller use of his Stones Throw heritage.  Lead vox Remy Britsemmer is the focal point of the tracks, showing off his retro-soul prowess, but listen closely, and you’ll quickly appreciate the soulful, funky groove magic that producer Joshua Boon adds to the mix.  The de rigueur remixes closing the free EP show off the beat side of this project, offering up everything from straight instrumentals to a dub take so wobbly it’ll make your knees bend.  Perfect for late night bedroom romps.  Or, for the single, those special “alone times,” too.  We don’t judge here at Odd Bloggings.

mp3: The One (Fuel Box from Pre-E.P.)

mp3: Bits & Bytes (Riddim) (Fuel Box from Pre-E.P.)


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