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Autolux’s Future Perfect is probably the best album of the decade that most people haven’t heard. Sure, the band got some cherry opening gigs, most notably for Nine Inch Nails a few years back, but the gang never seemed to garner the public attention and adoration I feel they so richly deserve. The band pretty much had it all: a chick on drums, a guitarist from Failure and a vocalist with downright haunting capabilities. For all that, though, a follow-up never seemed to materialize. Quite frankly, I was afraid this gem of a band was going to ride into the sunset with nary a word outside of some local gigs.

Well, I’m delighted to report that the wait appears to be about over. Autolux has released the first single, “Audience”, from the upcoming album to be released later this summer. The trademark sound remains intact: spooky guitars, kick ass, military precision drums and those otherwordly vocals. While it is not a departure from Future Perfect, this is by no means a bad thing. If anything, the track plays to the band’s strengths and makes me that much hungrier for the next installment.

While the band is offering the new single for free download, the gang still does need to make a buck or two for the effort. As such, they have set up a site for donations. For the record, I paid a dollar and feel like I certainly got my money’s worth. Do the right thing and do the same.

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