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Well, the Sisters Deal are at it again. Your indie radar probably already has picked up on the fact that the Breeders new album, Mountain Battles, is slated to drop Stateside on April 8. To keep the fans excited, Kim, Kelley, et al have posted a new mp3 on their website.

“Bang On” is listed as the second track from the forthcoming project. To my ears, it has more in common with the Title TK tracks than earlier works. It’s somewhat stripped down, apparently incorporating Kim’s “all wave” mentality. The lyrics are minimal, the drum line is puffy and the guitars stick to just a few chords. And you know what? I fucking love it.

I got onto the Breeders bandwagon a bit late. I was never a huge Pixies fan and kind of glossed over the whole “Last Splash” phase, eschewing all things Top 40 at the time. When I heard Title TK, though, I feel in love with the pure sound, honeyed vocals and kick ass goodness of the twins. I caught the last Breeders tour (back about 04?) and was amazed that they didn’t even sell out Nation, a small venue to start with. Now I’m going to be mondo pissed if I can’t get tickets to catch them when they go on-sale for the 9:30 Club on June 11 (ed. note to self: If they do sell out before I can snag them, NEVER post tour dates on LET again).

If “Bang On” is any indication of what’s to come, Mountain Battles promises to be one damn fine, rawking release.

Bang On

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