Singles Club: Deron Baker

Don’t forget about the singles! We’d like to introduce “Singles Club,” where we talk about a song (or two) that warrant some special attention.

One of the nice things about having one’s own music blog is the ability to write about friends in the industry. It is with such lack of descrepancy that today I’m going to tell you about my friend, Deron Baker. I’ve known Deron for years and his musical career is taking off, going so far as to allow him to quit his day job and perform full-time. He’s garnered quite a Floridian following and the below tracks gave an indication as to why.

Deron is a singer-songwriter/guitarist in the vein of such luminaries as the Elected or Chris Robinson’s solo stuff. On “June,” he’s handed over the vocal duties to Drew Dixon, but that’s him in his full glory on “The Morning Song.” Heartfelt, with a touch of the alt-country vibe, Deron undoubtedly has great things ahead of him and we here at Les Enfants Terribles certainly wish him the best.

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