Singles Club: Dntel’s Loneliness Is Having No One to Miss

Well, the bad news is it looks like the District will continue to sleep alone again tonight and probably for the foreseeable future, as there is no news of an impending Postal Service reunion. The good news, however, is that one half the band, Dntel, has released a boatload of his early stuff in a new 3-CD package entitled, Early Works For Me If It Works For You II. It includes the first two Dntel releases on the Phthalo label, as well as a previously unreleased set of more early works, composed slightly before his third album, Life is Full of Possibilities.

And here’s a sampling for your listening pleasure. It’s got all the electronica love of Dntel’s more recent work, but you’ll have to make due with the vocal stylings of, well, anybody, as it’s an instrumental piece (with the exception of some vocal samples here and there.

In the Maestro’s own words:

These early tracks, inspired by Aphex Twin, Mu-Ziq, Warp Records and anything else I’d been listening to, were all instrumental (save a few vocal samples) and created using one sampler/synthesizer (a Kurzweil K2000s) and some basic midi sequencing software. I was always really interested in adding vocals to weird electronic music, and by the time ‘Early Works for Me If It Works For You’ and ‘Something Always Goes Wrong’ were released I finally had a computer with the capability to record full vocal tracks more easily. This led to the next Dntel full-length, Life Is Full Of Possibilities, which was released in 2001 on Plug Research. I haven’t really done much instrumental work since.”

While it isn’t new, it certainly shows how one of the indie kids’ faves started cutting his teeth back in the day. On top of that, there are some pretty dope beats here, which is nice. Check it out.

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