Singles Club: Gift Basket

Historically, the last couple of weeks of the year are somewhat quiet around my office. Everything that needs to be wrapped up for the 09 books usually is by now, so folks start clocking out earlier and earlier as December drags on. Throw into the mix the fact that both Xmas and NYE both are causing long weekends, and it’s damn surprising anybody is getting anything done at all these days.

And yet, for reasons i cannot begin to fathom, it’s busier than all get out here at the Terrible Family Bidness. While trying to figure out what could possibly be the cause of this new madness, i was reminded of one of my all-time favorite holiday tunes, Gift Basket by Ethan Lipton.

Now, i’ve never seen Ethan live, but i’ve been addicted to his music since the good folks over at The Late Greats hipped me to his dulcet tones. Suffice to say, Mr. Lipton has a way with witty lyrics, plus a damn impressive horn blower on his roster, so it’s pretty much all good any way you slice it.

Fortunately, Mr. Lipton has a couple of cold weather tracks for our listening pleasure, plus one of my top 25 (maybe higher) favorite songs of this decade. Enjoy.

mp3: Gift Basket (Ethan Lipton from Gift Basket)
mp3: Winter (Ethan Lipton from Mr. Softy)
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