Singles Club: Oddbodkins – The Theme Song

Is there anything the Interwebs are NOT good for? Of course not. When I’m not spending all my time here at Les Enfants Terribles or the various smurf pr0n sites I like to frequent, I often find myself at the Mike Doughty bulletin board. Regardless of your opinion of Mike, Soul Coughing or things related, I honestly have never come across a nicer bunch of folks online. The cats are groovy, people don’t fight for the sake of fighting, flame wars are non-existent and everyone who joins get a coupon for free sex. OK, I might be exaggerating slightly, but a better group of non-meatspace friends I’ve never made.

Anywho, a couple of years back, somebody started a thread about Buddha knows what and I made the passing comment that someone should write me a song about me. I really didn’t think anything would come of it and didn’t even think much about it after I wrote it. Well, lo and behold, a few weeks later, I received the greatest honor one person could ever receive, my very own theme song, which I present for your listening enjoyment.

Penned by James “Petey Coronado” Thompson, the lyrics are almost nonsensical, having derived from a series of weird posts I had made over the years. He incorporated the trans-Atlantic talents of Katie from Australia, who adds the breathy chorus towards the end. The original has a bit of a dance floor feel to it, but in my opinion, the true magic comes across in the acoustic version. Seriously, though, have you ever heard a better line than, “He brings the Rocky Road while other fuckers bring vanilla?” Of course you haven’t. Petey, in addition to being a new father, tinkers in the music game and favors the board with his masterpieces from time to time. I certainly won’t go so far as to say he’s hit his high water mark with this theme song, but I can’t imagine he’ll ever make anything better. Equally kick ass, numerous times over? I would expect no less. To check out some more of Coronado’s musical gems, visit his MySpace page.

Oddbodkins Theme

Oddbodkins Theme (acoustic)

(nb: Megan is insanely jealous, and would like her own them song. Bands, make it happen. Pretty please.)

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